Required Inspections

NFPA 80:  Fire & SmokeThe Joint Commission and authorities have jurisdiction over healthcare facilities and require periodic inspections of fire and smoke control devices, including dampers, for proper function and operation. Healthcare facilities like hospitals, assisted living facilities and other occupied medical buildings must perform these inspections at least once every four to six years, depending on the classification of the facility. Most hospitals require inspections at least every six years. The team at Healthcare Life Safety Services has experience with the requirements of NFPA™ 80 and NFPA™ 105, which allows us to perform comprehensive inspections of this equipment and to provide you with an accurate assessment of its condition.

The Services We Offer

At Healthcare Life Safety Services, we perform comprehensive inspections for your fire safety equipment that include the following:

  • Coordination with your fire alarm vendor to evaluate and test electronically controlled dampers
  • Activation of damper mechanisms and observation of their function
  • Strict adherence to infection control guidelines within your hospital, including dust control
  • Checks of ductwork to identify leaks, gaps and damage and to find dirt or rust buildups
  • Lubrication of dampers to ensure optimal performance
  • Creation of a report identifying the location and ID number of all dampers, with photographic records of the dampers for future reference
  • Evaluation of hardware and fusible links to determine if they require replacement
  • Examination of HVAC equipment and smoke and fire protection walls and doors to ensure they are all working properly and as intended

When this process is complete, Healthcare Life Safety Services staff members will compile our findings in a comprehensive report and will deliver it in a PDF format for your review. We will also provide recommendations for solutions to any issues we find. This will ensure that your hospital, clinic or healthcare facility remains in full compliance with all NFPA™ standards and requirements for accreditation.

If you need help in evaluating your dampers and your fire and smoke safety plan, Healthcare Life Safety Services has the proven experience needed to achieve your goals. Give us a call today to discuss your requirements and to schedule an appointment for an inspection. We are here to serve you.