NFPA 110: Level 1 Emergency Power Supply Systems

Generator TestingMost hospitals and residential healthcare facilities fall into the NFPA™ 110 Level 1 classification for emergency power supply systems (EPSS). This means that a failure of these EPSS systems to operate properly would likely result in the loss of human life or in serious injuries to those who depend on them. Life safety systems, fire pumps, ventilation equipment and medical equipment must continue to function even in a power outage to protect the lives of patients and the Environment of Care of your medical facility. The requirements for these types of EPSS are more stringent than those for facilities rated at NFPA™ 110 Level 2 status. At Healthcare Life Safety Services, we will work with you to inspect your system and to correct any issues that may affect the ability of your EPSS to provide power in the event of an emergency.

Understanding the Classes of EPSS

Under the provisions of NFPA™ 110, EPSS are divided into classes depending on the length of time they can run on a single tank of fuel. Class 2 systems are designed to run for two hours. Class 24 systems run for 24 hours without refueling, and the other Class categories use a similar one-for-one method based on the number of hours available from a single tank of fuel. At Healthcare Life Safety Services, we will evaluate your current EPSS and will provide a report on its current function and condition and recommendations on improvements that could help your system work more effectively. We will also look at the fuel storage arrangements in place at your facility and will ensure that they comply with the standards outlined in NFPA™ 110.

At Healthcare Life Safety Services, we offer inspection services targeted to the healthcare industry. We work with you to find issues that could cause problems now or in the future and assist you in preparing for and retaining CMS accreditation. Call us today to discuss your needs with our team of inspection experts. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.