Improving your Healthcare Compliance

Healthcare Compliance

How can you help your facility have better healthcare compliance? Accreditation with different organizations can help your institution progress and grow. Following healthcare codes and regulations recommended by these organizations also helps you take an active approach to safety and prevention of risk.

Common Violations of Healthcare Compliance

Looking at the most commonly violated areas of healthcare compliance is a great place start improving. When it comes to environment of care audits, here are a few common areas of non-compliance:

  • Providing and maintaining fire extinguishing systems
  • Managing risks associated with utility systems
  • Reducing risks of infection associated with equipment

When it comes to CMS audits, here are some of the common code violations of life safety:

  • Maintaining sprinkler systems
  • Corridor doors
  • Access to Exits

So, knowing that these things are often overlooked, what can you do to make sure that you are creating the safest environment for those in your care? One thing to keep in mind is that issues are easier to spot when you have more people looking out for them. Making sure that your facility’s staff are aware of common code violations and ask them to speak up if they see something.

Schedule Maintenance

Another helpful step is to make a schedule for tests and maintenance. To start, gather a list of all of the equipment and systems that need regular tests or maintenance. Then, for each item, pick dates when those tests will be carried out. Once you have this list, it is much easier to remember to check equipment and other systems regularly.

Conduct Risk Assessments

In addition to these, a great way to ensure healthcare compliance is to do regular risk assessments. If your facility is actively looking out for and solving problems, it will be easier to fix them as they arise.

Schedule a Pre-accreditation Audit

Finally, a pre-accreditation healthcare facility audit will help you ensure that you are ready for the accreditation surveyors. Having an experienced company audit your facility can take the burden off of your facility. Our expertise means we can go through and identify areas of non-compliance efficiently and thoroughly.

Healthcare Life Safety Services offers audit services to prepare your institution for compliance audits. We can provide the knowledge and assistance you need to make corrections before your surveyor arrives. Call us today at (281) 598-1359 to schedule a consultation with our team. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.