Bruce L. Boggan

Mr. Boggan resides in Houston, Texas with his wife and Granddaughter. Mr. Boggan worked as a Director of Engineering at various hospitals across Texas, Louisiana, and Florida from 1987 through 2017. Mr. Boggan now works for HHLS out of Houston, Texas. Bruce started with The Joint Commission in 2004 as an intermittent employee. He surveyed for TJC once a month and maintained a full-time position at a Hospital as Director of Engineering with organizations both for-profit and non-profit. In 2004, Mr. Boggan transferred to full-time with The Joint Commission. Bruce worked for HCA Nashville, TN as a Director of Engineering. He also worked for hospital chains, Tennent, Banner Health as a Director of Engineering. Mr. Boggan volunteers to work for an organization currently serving as the Director of Finance and Board member for a non-profit organization located in San Antonio, Texas.